Gallery  2 - Landscapes 


Waterfall in Yosemite             $175

(Watercolor on Clayboard)  (Unframed 11"x16 ")


Snow In Yosemite       $175

(Watercolor on Clayboard)  (Unframed 12"x11 1/2"

 Live Oak With Friends         $275

(Unframed 11"x14"     Oil



Live Oak Trees

Live Oak With Friends II                     $275

(Unframed 11"x14")                     Oil


Wintergreen Waterfall           $275

Gallery Wrapped Canvas 12"x12" 



Sunset in Maine              $175

Oil on Canvas   (Framed 11"x14"

Waterfall Out West                                    $275

(Matted to 20"x16)              Watercolor

Sun at Yosemite            $275

(Matted to 20"x16)              Watercolor


Waterfall (Abstract)                $175 

(Matted to 16"x20")   Watercolor

Riveira Ruins (Ormond Beach)          $250

          (Unframed 11"x14" )               (Acrylic on Canvas )      

Longwood Gardens Gazebo Pa $250

  (Framed 29'x23" )                   Oil

Lovers Leap                             $300  

(Unfrramed                     Oil

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