Gallery  6  - Encaustic Paintings            

I  have been working with encaustics recently.  
It is hot wax mixed with pigments and applied while hot..

                Family of Flowers


                                               The Chapel       $150                                                       Encaustic              Unframed 11"x14"  



Family of   Flowers             $150 

Encaustic  Unframed 11"x14"  



         Snow On the Mountain      (Unframed)       12"x24")               $250






Fairies Playing           $25  

       Encaustic      Unframed 5" 7"          


  Musical Fairies                 $25   

            Encaustic     Unframed 7"x5"                  




  Angel Lady          Encautsic  Unframed 8"x8"        $35 


Angel Gentleman       Encaustic Unframed 8"x8"          $35




                          Angel With Banjo      $25

                   Encaustic on Glass (5 1/2"x5 1/2")           



     Angel on Turtle      $35

      Encaustic on Glass (5 1/2"x5 1/2")




                                          California Purple Trees      Encaustic   $125   

                                   Framed      9"x11"


    Dragonfly  Encaustic  $85 

       Unframed  5"x12"  


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