Gallery 5 – Jewelry Etc.

Rings $12

  R240 ringgreenstone  R236  ringbluefacetedstonefront  R242  Ring Purple Side View  R246 Ring Blue button Side View
R232ARing with Read Beads R268 Ring Hot Pink Square R238  Ring Button Black & Pink Buttons  R230  Ring with 2 black beads & one swirled bead
Divorce Rings  $12
R272 Divorce Ring Lavendar (Large) R275 Divorce Ring Red  R272 Divorce Ring   R271Divorce Ring Blue

Childrens Rings $10

                   R1 Childs Ring Lavendar Copper R2 Childs Ring Teal R3 Childs Ring Light Green  R4Childs Ring Pink & Blue R5

Pendants $12

     P1Pendant Raku Blue & Black P2 Pendant Glass Wired Wrapped Blue.jpg  P3 Pendant Hot Pink Lady Right P4 Pendant Fiber  Pink.jpg P5 Pendant Yellow Leaf  Small.jpg P6 Pendant Lady Looking Left Blue Resin

Necklaces $12

N1 Necklace Metal Dark Green Pink N2 Necklace Blue & White Clay Blue wired N3 Necklace Heart Purple.jpg N4 Necklace Black Dropped NC5 Necklace Iris Clay Resin NC Necklace Copper Cross with Fiber Chain

Bracelets $12 

B1Bracelet Cuff Green & Golds  B2 Bracelet Cuff Burgundy Swirls 1 B3 Bracelet Cuff Green Abstract B4Bracelet Cuff Yellows

B5 Bracelet Memory Wire with Pearls & beads B6 Bracelet Beaded Gold & Black  B7 Bracelet Orange & Green B8 Bracelet Pink Shell & BeadsBracelet Pink

Earrings $10

E1Earrings ElongatedE2 Earrings Clay Abstract PurpleE3 Earrings Ladies BlueE4 Earrings Yellow & Brown Priint E5Earrings Fiber Pink

Earrings & Pendants  $12

EP1Earrings & Pendant wired with blackEP2Earrings & Pendant Green HeartsEP3Earrings & Penant Bright Yellow Diamond Shape EstyEP4Earrings Glass Snow Balls

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