Gallery 4 – Knife Paintings 


Ballerina in Flight  (Oil)  $$200.JPG

Ballerina in Flight Oil  !6X20)  $200

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Scrambled Thoughts (Oil) $100)

            Swimming Upstream Oil $75 (11×14)                             Scrambled Thoughts Oil $75 (11×14)

                              Almost Acrylic 8.5x11 $85

                                                     Almost Acrylic $85 (9×11)


Ship in the Night (Acrylic 8.5x11)$85      Sunset Waves (Acrylic 8.5x11) $85 

        Ship in the Night Acrylic $85 (M9x11)                 Sunset Waves $85 (M8x11)


     The Big Kahona (Acrylic 8.5x11) $85           Sea Grass (Acrylic 8.5x11) $85

     The Big Kahona Acrylic $85 (9×11)                     Sea Grass Acrylic $85 (0x11)


      Sunset (Acrylic 8.5x11) $75         Sunset thru Rock Wall (Acrylic 8.5x11) $85

                   Sunset Acrylic $85 (9×11)                         Blue Ridge Sunset Acrylic R8 (9×11)

    Banana Trees in Naples(Oil KP) $100

        Banana Tree in Naples (Oil)(8×10)

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