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Jewelry (Costume Jewelry)  Clay Pendants and Earrings – Digital Images

Under Glass Pendants and Refrigerator Magnets, Stain Glass Earrings

and Pendants,  Brooches and Misc Jewelry  (Earrings $10  Pendants $12.00)

 (Free Hand Crochet Chain with each Pendant)

Glass Pendants   $12.00

GP47 Pendant Glass Block Black GoldGP48Pendant Glass Block Black with Colors on BorderGP49Pendant Glass Block Blue Butterfly

GP50 Pendant Glass Block Green & Black GP52  Pendant Glass Block Heart Orange GP53 Pendant Glass Block Multi Colored Swirls

       GP55 Pendant Glass Block Orange & Black     GP56 jewelry4252520pendant252520digital252520print252520under252520glas


  These are a few of my digital designs on the above pendants.

 They are also available on Refrigerator Magnets ($4) and Note Cards $4) and Check Book coverrs ($6).

Close Ups of the Clay Lady Pendants.  ($12.00) 

They are approx.  2″ long by 1″ wide.   

   They area available in 2more patterns & in many colors and have earrings to match in a slightly different style.  

CP108 Pendant Lady Setting  CP107Pendant Lady Looking Left Blue Resin  CP107APendant Lady Looking head On New Green  CP110Pendant Lady Looking Right Blue

These are Enameled Necklaces.

They are copper based and have copper & fiber cords.   $16 each 

EN1Enamel 1 Green & Yellow Diamond ShapeEN2Enamel Copper Necklace 1  EN3Enamel Copper Necklace Teal etc Oval 4  EN4Enamel Copper Necklacy Oval with Yellow   

EN5Enamel Copper Pendant Round 2EN6Enamel Copper Pendant Square 8EN7Enamel Copper Round with Boy 8EN8Enamel Copper Round with Lavendar & Red 6

        EN9Enamel Copper with Red Grey & Black  EN10Enamel Copper Diamond with Yellow 2 brads


These are Stain Glass Earrings and Pendants to Match  (1 1/2″ H x 7/8″ W) Some vary.

 SG1Earrings Glass Pink with Blue flowers & Pearl SG2 Earrings Glass Snow Balls SG3 Earrings Glass Blues Diagonal SG4Earrings Glass Teal with Blue Flowers PearlSG5Earrings Glass Pink with Gold Flowers

These are a few Earrings  $12.00

E1Earrings Blues & Plums    E2Earrings Orange Blue & Green  E3Earrings Purple & Brass   

E4Earrings Blue Glass Leaves (Matching Necklace)  E5Earrings Purple Ladies

Rings  $12.00

       R1Ring Button Gold Front Silver Ring R2Ring Gold Button Only R3Ring Green Faceted Stone 1   R4Ring Shell Aqua    R5Ring Twisted #2 Lt. Teal   R6 Ring with Black Heart

There are over 300 one of a kind pieces of  jewelry in the Gallery at 1876 Craigs 

 Store Road , Batesville.  Call 540-456-6262 for directions.

  See more jewelry by clicking here

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