Gallery 3 – Underwater Scenes








Swimming Upstream (Acrylic) $125



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Tree Frog (Watercolor) $45Tree Frog (Watercolor

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Three Koi Fish on Canvas
(oil) (unframed 20×16) $375


  whale (matted to 14×11) $40   

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Underwater Fish 1 $45


Unframed 5″x7″     Oil

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Underwater Fish 2 (Oil) $35



Underwater Fish 3          $30

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med 5″x7″     Oil


Underwater Coral 1

Underwater Coral #1      $45

Unframed Floated on 11″x14″ Mat  

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Underwater Coral 2 Underwater Coral #2      $45Unframed Floated on 11″x14″ Mat   Watercolor

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  Underwater Coral 3


Underwater Coral #3     $45Unframed  11″x14″ Mat  Watercolor

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Four Fish on Board        

                                                         Four Fish on One Board      $125

                        (Gallery Wrapped Each) 

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d with Gallery Wrapped Fish Attached) 


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